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They are understood to have asked Mc Ewan to improve on his 82p-per-share… The last I received from the group (last weekend) was an email that said that they have decided to accept the offer on behalf of the members.

At no point was I asked whether I was in agreement with this - fair enough there are allegedly 9,000 members.

Data for in-situ cervical carcinoma are; incidence 2014. European Age-Standardised Rates were calculated using the 1976 European Standard Population (ESP) unless otherwise stated as calculated with ESP2013.

ASRs calculated with ESP2013 are not comparable with ASRs calculated with ESP1976.

A group representing the thousands of retail investors suing the bank for misleading them during a £12bn rights issue said on Monday it…

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Three directors of the RBo S Shareholder Action Group met chief executive Ross Mc Ewan on Friday morning at the lender’s headquarters on Bishopsgate in the City of London.

I think if I don't hear anything, I will have to get some legal advice because at this rate, they will make me liable for huge fees without consulting me at all. Well I still have not received any replies to my e-mails,neither have I been asked whether I would like to accept a settlement or not.

How they can say to the courts, a certain percentage of their members will accept a settlement is beyond me, when they haven't even asked them."The meeting, between RBS chief executive Ross Mc Ewan and three directors from the RBo S Shareholder Action Group, ended without an agreement"Who are these people ? Read More RBS settlement yo-yos as investors raise millions to continue battle 2 June 2017 • pm Royal Bank of Scotland, which earlier this week looked sure to avoid an embarrassing High Court trial over its near-collapse in 2008, has hit a roadblock in its settlement with claimants after a meeting over the final payout ended in a stalemate.

It has 20 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), making it jointly the largest UK party in that Parliament.

It has five Assembly Members (AMs) in the National Assembly for Wales and 371 councillors in UK local government.

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