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ET hour, within “By the way,” began Deutsch with too much excitement in his voice, “the rumors about Willie [Geist] and I — not true.” Brzezinski reacted as any mother would whose son just blurted out something inappropriate, except for the fact that Deutsch is a 58-year-old man.”Oh… Scarborough hurried the conversation along before Deutsch could one-up himself by, I don’t know, taking his shirt off for a frat house laugh.

(Reuters) TV personality Donny Deutsch is coming to USA Network with a "softly scripted" series "Donny!After graduating from Fairfield Prep (Fairfield College Preparatory School), he attended Vassar College, where he was in the graduating class of 2000.He was a member of "Laughing Stock," a sketch comedy group at Vassar. " and "Time Writer," before appearing in his first commercial film, Galaxy Quest (1999).I'll just nod my head in approval, summoning up my best "profound" look. All she fucking does is whine--at least when she's not running or purging. Now that Lawrence O'Donnell has his own show, the liberal void is huge on MJ.I love how Joe the Republican probably believes we live in a meritocracy, yet the Robin and Catwan to his Batman are a couple of idiotic name-droppers who are light on credentials and so, so smug. I think even Joe has more dignity than those three. I have many complaints about this show but still religiously tune in everyday.

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