Going to school in a nudist camp

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That utopia like nudist accepting society came to an end in 393 A. when a Christian emperor banned the Olympic Games because he thought they were Pagan in nature.In the 16th Century, Puritans believed nudity was so immoral, that they didn't bathe because they believed it promoted nudity.Teenage Naturist – As I was listening to an online broadcast from a European radio station today, I heard a report about a new picture-sharing app called Snapchat.This app allows users to send messages (including pictures) which self-delete within a time period specified by the sender – usually a few seconds.Since the beginning of man, we have been naked and also intrigued by the human body and the different representations it may have.

We talk a lot about how many naturists are of an older generation, and there is an urgent need to get younger people involved.

Unfortunately, Snapchat really offers no such solution.

The Achilles Heel of the service is that nothing prevents the recipient from photographing their communication device’s screen with another camera in another device before the message self-deletes.

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